Development & proof-of-concept pages prior to publishing/launch to show proposed paid advertising and email marketing campaigns leading to a product launch.

These pages detail the sales funnel for GNA Group Coaching i.e the program eventually delivered via TalentLMS.

About the LMS offer. The number of simultaneous classes available is up to you. Self-paced online learning with Tuesday & Thursday live Zoom sessions for 8 weeks? Once per week? It’s up to you how much direct contact you want with your students. Structure your offer the way it works best for you.

Product Launch Formula Videos

  1. Interest & Desire
  2. Bonding & Trust
  3. Social Proof
  4. Samples & Examples
  5. Pre-Launch 1 (24 hrs before launch)
  6. Pre-Launch 2 (1 hr Before Launch)
  7. Launch: The Offer + Bonusses
  8. Follow-Up

The sales process is as follows:

  1. Run An Ad: An advertisement with an “intriguing offer”. Either text or a short video.
  2. Get Email Addresses: A “Landing Page” with a short video promising valuable content to capture email addresses in exchange for some free, relevant  & valuable information. Add them to a special mailing list.
  3. Market To The Email List: Send the list more video content specifically designed to illicit a positive response towards your program over a short time. Give them some “results in advance” with your content before asking them for the order. Helping them first creates trust; trust creates desire. Social Proof from actual clients demonstrates authority and expertise. Track the prospect’s engagement during the launch process.
  4. Launch The Program: Open the Cart. Make it available to purchase to a limited number of new clients. Create a “feeding Frenzy” by offering amazing bonuses on launch day you had not previously mentioned. See “Stacking The Cool”
  5. Follow Up With The List: Even if you only get a few new clients on the first launch, you let them know that many took advantage of the offer and you may run another class in the near future.

Obviously, not everyone on your list is going to buy immediately. Some prospects may need more time, the time isn’t right for them, they don’t have the budget, they don’t meet the criteria at the moment, etc. That’s to be expected. You now have a list to re-market to; you paid for them with you ad spend.

You have a list of warm leads & you know how they are engaging with your content with real data & analytics. Knowledge of these metrics allows you to follow-up and nurture the relationship over time. More importantly, you don’t need to pay to reach people already on your list.

Be “cool” with your list.

Give them free information to help them grow. Generosity with your insight goes a long way to create a trusting bond with your list and establishes your authority in your marketplace. Not everyone is your ideal client. The value you provide increases their desire to work with you and is directly proportional to your earning potential.