Creating A Culture of Accountability

(Graciously shared by William Stannard, and taken and edited from an article by Peter Economy, Inc. Magazine)

Creating a performance culture seems to go against conventional standards and thinking. Less control + more freedom = a more productive work force. If that’s not working for you, chances are you don’t have the right people to start with. The same applied to the right people produces levels of productivity that are normally otherwise unprecedented. Here are some actions you can take:

  • Give Employees the freedom to define their own standards, their own methods for execution, and when things go wrong, their own ways to solve those problems.
  • Allow them to take ownership by seeing beyond the boundaries of their own jobs. Let them see the whole process, and allow them the opportunity to work as a team with coworkers to solve problems that live outside their individual accountabilities.
  • Allowing decision making to live at every level of your organization may just be the single biggest method for building leadership you have. Conversely, if you have to make every decision, not only is that stressful, something is really wrong.
  • Have very clear metrics that track the most important outcomes for each key person, and create a forum that allows each person to report to their peers how they are doing, what’s working, what’s not — which again supports the earlier points.
  • Rewarding successful results and actions with generous public acknowledgement will get you more successful results and actions. Rewarding with money can work too, but generally has a short shelf life. People should be paid enough so that the issue of money is not an issue. Money is NOT what you want people to be thinking about, you want them to be thinking about their job, what they can accomplish today, the next problem, the next challenge.

The real power is when you put all of this together.

Your Next Steps

My mission is to demonstrate that a business embracing practices of kindness, respect and empowerment will be very, very successful and profitable. 
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