Commitment Friendly or Commitment to Looking Good?

Harvard did studies on it, (Promise Based Management), and gave their thumbs up.
As business owners you’re completely committed and at risk.
And yet, productivity in many businesses wanes because employees are afraid to say what they will do, take a risk and commit to future work, while others are afraid to ask someone else to commit, even when it’s something urgently needed.

Why all the resistance? Most of the time it’s because people are more committed to something other than the result, like:
Looking good, (not looking bad).
Being safe.
Being comfortable.

The truth is, if it’s important work, nothing gets it moving faster than someone making a promise for a “by when it will be complete.”

If your employees use phrases like, “I’m not comfortable doing xyz,” you may have a commitment-free, risk adverse business culture.

Who said working for a living had anything to do with being comfortable?
The most successful businesses I have seen are highly productive and risk-friendly, offering significant challenges to everyone.

No one ever died from taking a risk and falling short. Go for it!