Setting up systems for Accountability in your business begins to give you a foundation with many benefits, ie. support, empowerment, focus, transparency, and continuous improvement, to name a few. One of the main benefits is that it helps to clarify who is responsible for what from an outcome perspective, rather than a task orientation.

The big challenge we have is that many of the key positions in the restoration and construction industry have so many things they are responsible for doing, you can’t get your hands around it. Accountability solves that problem by containing every task under the right accountability.

Another challenge we have is in misjudging and misunderstanding breakdowns with production, sales, marketing, and performance in general. Throwing more money at it is not the best motivator, nor is it a punitive action. Conversely, when you look into the areas in the business that aren’t working, what you will find is a breakdown in Accountability. Restore the Accountability and you restore the integrity to your business.

One huge benefit is the way that Accountability sets the stage for high performance. Employees that are committed to get the job done appreciate how Accountability allows them to see exactly where they are, and how it gives them the support and tools they need to work the way they really want to. As your business grows, so does the complexity of that business.

You need leadership at all levels, you need people who can think on their feet and behave like an owner. That’s why this is also called ” Freedom Based Management”.  Of course, you have other options. For any of you who might be more inclined to a “Command and Control” or “Hub and Spoke” management style, you know how that can work as well — as long as you’re willing to be in the position to drive it. But then, you’re also aware of how stressful, frustrating and exhausting that can be. Your choice.

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