4 Steps to Take Your Company from Good to Great

I have seen many companies at various level of success over the years and one thing they all share in common is the tremendous challenge to move a company from performing really well to great consistently. It’s one thing for an owner or senior manager to work really hard to move a company to great and quite another matter for a company to maintain greatness without relying on the senior manager or owner. If you’ve always wanted to build a great company without the company relying on you, it’s not magic. If you study companies as much as I do, you will see there is a pattern to the success of great companies. They have a step-by-step formula they follow that moves them through various stages. These steps are both practical and leading edge because they are based in powerful spiritual principles, demonstrating eternal truths many hold near and dear.

Stage #1: Keep Your Word

Integrity in your business is constantly going out somewhere. The faster everyone in your business responds to any form of a problem, an upset or breakdown, the better. The worst thing you can do is have an emotional reaction to a logical situation. Getting upset, or any version of a big emotional or stressful reaction to something that need immediate attention just slows you down. It also gives others an additional thing to have to deal with slowing down the process of getting to work on the problem.  Instead, don’t beat yourself up, don’t hide it and do not get into blame because that impacts the productivity of your business. Just handle it. Clean it up fast and move one. By doing so, you are operating at the highest level of professionalism you can offer. This is what your customers need from you. Don’t ever stop doing this because it’s the foundation for everything to follow. 

Stage #2: Goals

 This stage consists of two steps. First, make goals that map out the future growth you want five years out. Then locate the channels for work to find you and get busy inviting them to participate with you. Prospects will work with you because you keep your word. (Notice how each stage is supported by earlier stages). Maybe you’re thinking, “What do these two practices have to do with each other, they seem so different?” The reason they are together, are important and effective, is because they are two forms of making a request for your future success. The first request occurs when you write it out and plan. The second request occurs when you go talk with potential prospects. This is based on the spiritual principle of “Ask and your will receive.”

Stage #3: Communicate Everything Important

 This is an opportunity to take your level of success to a whole new level by placing a great deal of attention on communication itself. You can do this by hosting a weekly meeting to focus and support the drivers of success for each of your employees. By the time you get to this stage, a significant amount of work should be starting to show up and you will need a fast and efficient way to handle it all. So, keep the communication relevant, potent and focused. Keep the meeting moving and say everything that is important and remove the mundane one-on-one sidebars for after the meeting. This is a critical stage and most companies never master this because they get bogged down with meetings that drone on and on by using irrelevant facts, too much information or too much storytelling. As a result, many companies end up with meetings that have no juice, no energy, no inspiration and essentially their company ends with a death by meeting. I don’t want that for you. If you execute this stage well, you will have a culture of transparency and your weekly meetings will be inspiring and motivating for your entire team. When this occurs, productivity increases dramatically and profits follow.

Stage #4: Get Ready For the Flood

 You could call this the Flood Stage or the Emergency Stage. And remember, I stated earlier these stages are cumulative and act just like compound interest. This is what makes them so powerful. What happens during this stage is the ROI from the prior stages comes rushing into your business and when it comes, it often times comes in like a flood. Your success at this stage depends entirely on your ability to handle the flood of work coming in and this is why this can be called the Emergency Stage as well. If you’re not careful, when the flood of work comes in, it can be so big and fast that it overloads all your existing capacities of work force, cash flow, systems, procedures, etc. So if you did the work of the earlier stages, you will be ready and do very well at this stage. That means… if your entire team is completely focused, on purpose, rigorously demonstrating impeccably integrity, focused on details, cleaning up mistakes fast, prepping for expanded activity with systems, procedures, practices, cross training, etc and then you continue with your promotional efforts. 

 The power and integrity of this stage moves productivity to level of performance where breakthroughs in performance become the norm. Work ceases to seem like work. Instead, fun, play and ease replace the experience of hard work. The reality is many companies never get this far, it does take a great deal of commitment and professionalism. 

Your Next Steps

My mission is to demonstrate that a business embracing practices of kindness, respect and empowerment will be very, very successful and profitable.

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